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Getting Started

How to begin therapy and get the help you need

Make Initial Contact, Attending Sessions, Fees and Cancellation Policies

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Getting Started

You can make initial contact with me by email, text message or phone, whichever way is most comfortable and convenient.

To make an appointment for an introductory session or ask a question please:

  • Call or send a text message to 07891 613580
  • Contact Me by email
  • See my availability and book using my Online Booking Service

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    The Introductory Session

    This session provides an opportunity for us to meet, for you to talk about yourself and your difficulties, and for me to check that I am able to offer you the help that you need. This session is also an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

    I will also provide information about my business contract so that you have all the information you need for arranging sessions.

    If at the end we are both happy to proceed we can make arrangements for future sessions. However, if you need some time after the assessment, there is no obligation to book further sessions straight away. You may take as much time as you need.

    If we do decide that I am the “right” therapist and make arrangements for regular sessions, I charge my usual fee (see below). If we don’t agree to work together, there is no charge.

    Fees and Sessions

    I offer regular sessions of psychotherapy in a warm and welcoming environment.

    Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

    The cost of each session is as follows:

  • £46 per session for individuals (face-to-face and online therapy)
  • £60 per session for couples

    If you are on a low income and want to attend weekly sessions I may be able to offer you a reduced rate. Please Contact Me for details and to discuss your circumstances.

    All fees are subject to annual review (the next review will be in March 2020)

    Payment methods accepted include:
  • Cash or Cheque (paid at the end of the session)
  • Bank Transfer (paid at least 48 hours before the session)
  • Credit/Debit Card Payments (if booking online through my Online Booking Service ) also paid at least 48 hours before the session

  • Cancellations

    As I have a busy schedule, I ask you to agree to give me 48 hours notice of any cancellations you need to make. If this notice period is not provided payment in full for the session will be due, whatever the reason for the cancellation.


    When it is time for the therapy to end it is useful to have a gradual ending over several weeks. We can decide together what a useful ending period will be for you and this will depend on how long we have been working together as well as your personal preference. In general, it is useful to provide 1-2 weeks notice when planning to leave.

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