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Online Therapy: Accessible and Convenient

Instant Messaging and Video Therapy: At a time to suit your preference and lifestyle

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Why Online Therapy?

If you are struggling with aspects of life and/or relationships, online therapy can be a convenient way to access therapy.

In the 21st century we are very familiar with maintaining relationships online via social media, and when working online. Therapeutic relationships work well online too.

Research into online therapy is extensive and there is evidence that it is just as effective in providing psychological support and resolving difficulties in life, circumstances and relationships as the more traditional in-person therapeutic contact.

Some of the factors that might indicate that online therapy is a form of therapy that is more accessible for you may include the need to fit therapy sessions around your working patterns, disabilities which make travel difficult or impossible, family responsibilities, or perhaps even wanting to work with a particular therapist who is not within travelling distance.

Whatever your reason, not only do you have a choice about which therapist you see, now you have a choice about how you see that therapist.

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Forms of Online Therapy Available

I have completed specialist training in online therapy and am a registered online therapist with the Association of Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO)

I have a number of years experience offering two types of online therapy:

  • Video Therapy: This is also known as webcam therapy or online counselling. The benefits of this form of therapy is that we can see each other, and at the same time you can attend sessions with the flexibility and comfort that you might need or prefer. I use Zoom for this form of online therapy.

  • Instant Messaging Therapy: Instant Messaging is an alternative to Video Therapy and for some is preferable as it mirrors the familiar kinds of messaging that take place on social media. As a therapy, however, it does have some differences from general conversations. Messaging Therapy is synchronous, taking place in 'real time'. It also has the advantage of offering a written record of the sessions that can be reviewed and reflected on at any time. I use VSee for this form of online therapy.

  • Email Therapy: Email as a format for online therapy may be suitable for you if you prefer to take time to think, evaluate, and compose your reply. It is asynchronous, involving a time delay between emails, so not in 'real time'. With email therapy the timeframe for the discussion can be adapted to your needs. While I will always respond within the timeframe we agree, you can take as much time as you need. I use a secure email service called Protonmail for this form of online therapy.

  • Zoom and VSee are easily downloadable from the internet, and Protonmail is also easy to set up online. Using them ensures your confidentiality and privacy for online therapy sessions. I I'll provide full information about how to download and use these services as part of the getting started process.

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    Getting Started

    Please do contact me with any questions or queries you may have about starting Online Therapy by Completing my Contact Form .

    Alternatively you can book directly by using my Online Booking Service and I will then contact you by email to discuss the details of accessing the initial consultation

    Before we can begin I will need you to complete a detailed form in order that we can prepare for your therapy appropriately and also to check that online therapy is a suitable format for you. Various elements that we need to consider will be addressed in this form. I'll send you a link to the form once you have made initial contact with me.

    Please also take the time to read by Privacy Notice which includes information about protecting your privacy, how I use your data and my Social Media Policy

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