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Couples Therapy

A space to explore the difficulties and challenges of being in relationship

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Why Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy can be helpful when a relationship feels stuck, stale or conflictual. If your relationship has got to the stage where, for example, you argue with each other all the time, avoid each other, or don't feel a sense of connection you once felt then it may be the right time to seek help with couples therapy.

The advantages to couples therapy are varied, and include:
  • In realizing that your partner is willing to come to therapy with you, you realize that they care enough to work on your relationship and work through difficulties, This can be the first step to resolving difficulties in your relationship.
  • Being in a therapeutic space with a therapist can feel safe enough to work on your difficulties. The therapy room can feel like a neutral space and this can open up different ways of expressing problems. The problems or difficulties may also be heard differently.
  • Having an opportunity to learn how to communicate differently with each other, while also gaining some relief from issues such as conflict, anger, deflation, avoidance, mistrust and resentment.
  • Reconnecting with, rediscovering, or deepening intimacy. Following difficult circumstances such as bereavement, loss, or stressful situations, the sense of intimacy may have been lost. Couples therapy can offer the opportunity for you to explore the sense of closeness and togetherness in your relationship.

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    How Can Couples Therapy Make a Difference for You?

    This in part will depend on the nature of your relationship but often your relationship may be strengthened by working through anger, hurt or disappointment; having a space to express your voice in the relationship even when this feels risky; and having someone else care about your relationship.

    How Do We Know When It is the Right Time to Seek Couples Therapy?

    Again, there are many answers, and it will depend on the kind of relationship you have. Often, though, the time will feel right for couples therapy when you feel stuck in some of the following:

  • A cycle of blame, anger, hurt, resentment and disappointment
  • Arguing seems to be the thing that you do most often
  • You make excuses not to spend time with each other
  • You can't seem to find ways to resolve conflict

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    Getting Started

    If you think couples therapy may be of benefit to you do get in touch

    I can be contacted by email or by phone on 07891 613580, and am usually able to respond on the same day to your query, We can then schedule an initial session to begin to explore how to work through your difficulties.

    Alternatively you can go to my Online Booking Service to see the days and times I currently have available and request a booking there. I will then confirm the booking with you by email.

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