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Online Therapy: Accessible and Convenient

Instant Messaging and Video Therapy: At a time to suit your preference and lifestyle

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Why Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a relatively recent development in counselling and psychotherapy. It can be helpful for many reasons when either circumstances or time make it difficult to attend therapy in person.

These may include working patterns, disabilities, family responsibilities, or perhaps even wanting to work with a particular therapist who is not within travelling distance. In addition:

  • Online Therapy may offer a gentle exploration so you can see whether it is a form of therapy that can be helpful for you.
  • Online Therapy may allow you to “test the waters” with a session or two to find out if that is enough? If You want more? Or if you want face-to-face therapy?

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    Forms of Online Therapy Available

    The term online therapy refers to any kind of therapy which happens over the internet. This allows the format of the therapy to be quite varied.

    I offer two types of online therapy:

  • Video Therapy: This is also known as webcam therapy or online counselling. The benefits of this form of therapy is that we can see each other, and at the same time you can attend sessions with the flexibility and comfort that you might need or prefer.

  • Messaging Therapy: Instant Messaging is an alternative to Video Therapy and for some is preferable as it mirrors the familiar kinds of messaging that take place on social media. As a therapy, however, it does have some differences from general conversations. Messaging Therapy is synchronous, taking place in 'real time'. It also has the advantage of offering a written record of the sessions that can be reviewed and reflected on at any time.

  • I use VSee for online therapy sessions, which is a secure and confidential application which can be easily downloaded.

    I'll provide full information about how to download and install VSee during the 'Getting Started' process if we decide together that online therapy is a good fit for you.

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    Getting Started

    Register your interest in Online Therapy by Completing my Contact Form .

    Alternatively you can request a booking by using my Online Booking Service and I will then contact you by email. We can then have a discussion about the the suitability for you of online therapy as it is not appropriate for everyone.

    Please also take the time to read by Privacy Notice which includes information about protecting your privacy, how I use your data and my Social Media Policy

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